Web Portals

Portals are resources of information that dynamically present data with a user friendly view. They create a virtual platform for sellers and buyers with all the required information of products and services and help in easy transaction of business in no time besides eliminating the involvement of expensive material and infrastructural means essential for usual business transactions. Portals are increasingly playing major role in almost all areas of the business world reducing physical involvement of men and material resources in the process of business transactions.

Apart from the traditional search engine feature, e-mails, news, stock prices and information web portals are increasingly expected to perform result oriented pivotal role in decision making, enterprise management and business transaction medium.

Portals have become the mandatory business model acting a key role in today’s competitive business world.

CITYLAND offers the following portal services:

  • Designing, development and maintenance of Portals and e-learning services
  • User experience evaluation through reviews
  • Initiation of Intelligent system practices
  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Convert legacy applications into latest online portal systems
  • Internet/Intranet solutions
  • Enterprise Applications integration
  • Accessibility audit and compliance
  • Content management
  • Catalogue Management and e-Commerce

With all its rich practices CITYLAND helps its clients attain higher levels of ROI.

“Survival of the fittest” is just not a saying but is witnessed as the line of life for enterprises in this competitive business world. The loosing and the slow running enterprises are merging or are acquired by the fast running or the winning efficient business houses to lead their respective markets. CITYLAND focuses on consolidation and consistency of corporate information banks to keep their customers up-to-date with the ever changing enterprise activities to the best comfort of their customers.

CITYLAND helps its clients to create consolidated portals to ensure rationalization of content thus providing a single point of access of the whole enterprise activities with improved flexibility in rolling out new services thus allowing more time for marketing, reducing administrative and management overheads.

CITYLAND’s business model is aimed to achieve higher level of delivery mechanism in terms of :

  • Enabling enterprises manage globally distributed functions efficiently.
  • Improving quality through standardization of processes.
  • Enables high level of re-usability of applications across the organization.
  • Diminishes production costs, provides ample scope for future integrations

CITYLAND adheres to all the portal standards that allow portal developers, administrators and consumers to integrate standards-based portals and port lets across a variety of vendor solutions.