IT Infrastructure Solutions

Cityland Technologies solution expertise covers comprehensive Information Technologies infrastructure related solution spectrum of business needs from small office home office (SOHO) to SMEs to large enterprises.

Desktop and server computing: Large organizations typically and SME’s need special computing solutions on account of their size, geographical spread, processing intensive applications, a diversity of operating systems, and high-end heterogeneous computing hardware. SysAdmin’s presales team can identify the right products for your requirements based on many criteria and deliver cost effective scalable and cutting edge technology solutions

Storage Consolidation: Enables organizations update and consolidate their data assets, by replacing legacy direct attached storage systems or complex heterogeneous combinations of servers and storage with new storage platforms. This allows organizations to lower management costs improve storage management and reap greater return on investment.

Data Protection & Availability: Enables protection, ensures availability of critical information assets, optimizes resource utilization & efficient management of information of the organization.

Data security: Infrastructure security is arguably the greatest concern of modern businesses, as changing technologies and business practices create unprecedented security risks. Beyond simply preventing unauthorized access, enterprises now face new threats such as spyware and phishing, and they must constantly monitor and manage network security patches.

Anti-Virus: Anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. It may also prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware.

Unified threat management (UTM): Is used to describe network firewalls that have many features in one box, including e-mail spam filtering, gateway anti-virus capability(AV), an intrusion detection (or prevention) system (IDS or IPS), content filtering, VPN, load balancing, which funation as a router also along, has on appliance reporting with the traditional activities of a firewall. the higher-level inspection can be disabled so that the firewall functions like a much simpler network address translation (NAT) gateway.

Structured Cabling System: The nervous system of any organization is the network infrastructure. Cityland Technologies LAN/WAN Network Services are cost-effective consulting services providing you with the resources and expertise for network analyses, design, and optimization you need to make the right network decisions, implement change with minimal risk and help ensure peak-network performance. Services beyond setting up the infrastructure could be in terms of audit, implementation, fine tuning of products, remote management and all are provided by Cityland Technologies.

Security Services: Cityland Technologies is a world-class provider of specialised security & safety systems like Access Control System, CCTV Surveillance, Fire Detection & Alarm System, Gas based Fire Suppression System, Building Management System, Intruder Alarm System and Personnel Screening System. The cutting edge technology within every installation ensures ‘unified security intelligence’ where there is seamless multi-way communication between the various technologies all on one single platform. This delivers unprecedented levels of system intelligence that can create alerts only at times of potential risk.

CCTV Surveillance: As more and more areas of activity are faced with an increasing threat to security of assets, people and systems, today’s security needs have become more demanding. CCTV & IP cameras are considered the most effective method of increasing the security. CCTV Remote monitoring and recording facilities deliver effective site security and in most cases act as a deterrent security tool.

Access Controls: SysAdmin provides a comprehensive and a complete Integrated Security Management Solution. We provide solutions on state-of-the- art Data Entry and Access Control productsand control systems.