Product Engineering - Clean Technologies - Transportation

Today, the human civilized society is in the want of more efficient vehicles that can meet the challenges posed by the ever-increasing transportation needs, systems and services that are throwing adverse effects on energy resources, environment and economic systems.

Emissions technologies and fuel economy is critical to the nation's economic security and environmental well being. Cityland Technologies develops and demonstrate cost effective and innovative vehicle and fuel technologies that reduce the adverse effects on energy resources and environment. Our goal is to help industry introduce advanced, low emission, economically competitive vehicles and fuels into the marketplace.

Cityland Technologies works on battery thermal management, modeling, and system solutions to enhance the performance of fuel cell, hybrid electric and electric vehicles for a cleaner, more secure transportation future.

Cityland Technologies works closely with the industry, automotive manufacturers to design and develop energy storage devices, such as battery modules and ultra capacitors and enhance their thermal performance and life-cycle cost.

Cityland Technologies designs and fabricates modeling and simulation systems to evaluate technical targets and energy storage parameters and investigates combinations of energy storage systems to increase vehicle efficiency.

Cityland Technologies Research & Development team designs and develops new cost effective advanced technologies that ensure high reliability, efficiency and environment friendliness.

Advanced technology vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles can help reduce the impact on consumption of natural energy resources and environment besides their low running costs. Such vehicles require power electronics and electrical machines to function. These electronic devices allow the vehicles to use energy from energy storage device (battery) to assist in the propulsion of the vehicle, either on their own or in combination with an engine.

Cityland Technologies designs and develops these power electronics that takes direct current (DC) electricity from the battery and converts it to alternating current (AC) electricity and sends it to the motor. The electric motor uses the AC current to create torque to power the wheels for propulsion.