Product Engineering - Clean Technologies - Solar

Solar energy is a derivative of the radiant light and heat from the Sun that is transformed and used for consumption in the form of electricity. Solar power technologies provide electrical generation by means of heat engines or photovoltaics.

Cityland Technologies has a specialized team of experts and we take up turnkey projects with the following services:

  • Planning, designing, implementation and maintenance of high-capacity solar parks
  • Designing, implementation and maintenance of Compressed-air energy storage systems
  • Designing of Solar hot air dryers, solar panels, solar modules, solar energy collectors and solar water pumping systems, photovoltaic panels
  • Take-up turnkey solar power plant projects right from design, Site evaluation, feasibility, procurement, errection, installation, maintenance and carbon credit of energy supply systems to industrial establishments that work in the line of production, packing and distribution such as
    • Food processing units
    • Chemicals production units
    • Engineering goods production units
    • Textile production units
    • Petro chemical production plants
    • Construction supply industrial units
    • Agricultural systems

Cityland Technologies product portfolio covers designing, implementation and maintenance of: Solar PV Modules, Charge Controller, Led Bulbs, T5 Tube Light Sets, Mobile Chargers, Invertors Charger Transformer switch Solar Power in one package for home and office, Power Packs, Battery Charger, Invertors, Grids, Capacitors, Photovoltaic systems, Receptors, Home Lighting, BIPV, Street Light, Solar Lanterns, Solar Outdoor Signage, Solar Grid Connecting System , Energy Efficient Homes And Public Utilities, Solar Mobile Tower Light & Signage, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Roof & Facades Power System, Solar, Wind Hybrid Power, Dynamo Wind Hybrid Power, System Design Installation, Monitoring And Maintenance.