Product Engineering - Energy Efficient Technologies

Rapidly increasing energy demand and increasing prices of energy, the world over, has demanded for energy efficient technologies to minimize the impact of energy consumption on the earth’s energy resources. With the ever increasing demand for energy efficient technologies a massive drive for efficient technological innovations is on the way of progress.

Cityland Technologies energy efficient technologies R&D team is initiated to provide tools, technologies and energy efficient measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Some of the technologies and practices of Cityland Technologies are:

  • Scheduling and operational practices of industrial energy consumption systems
  • Regulating energy flow systems in industrial and office establishments to minimize energy consumption.
  • Planning, designing and automating energy generation systems with a decentralized grid installations that collects renewable energy and acts as suppliers.
  • Designing and fabricating of slip power recovery systems in energy generation and supply systems.
  • Designing and implementing energy efficient transformers