IT Consulting

IT consulting can involve all or any of the following services:

  1. Interfacing between Business and Technologies - Business Domain Knowledge
    Clients look upto consultants to point them in the correct direction when it comes to technology. IT consultants should be aware of the client's business industry, business trends and requirements so that they are optimally answered
  2. IT strategy - Overall Technical Strategy
    The overall technical strategy outlines the IT approach and methods that will be used in implementing a product. The following items are formalized as per trends, requirements, budget and timeline.
  3. Good Software Design - Scalable, secure, well-tested, fast and Easy to use software solutions, It is important that software be functional - But more important is that it should be scalable, secure, fully tested, maintainable, easy to use and performance friendly.
  4. Launch Setup and Deployment Architecture
    Once an application is complete, it must be hosted in production so it can serve live traffic. Depending on site usage patterns and activity trends, a suitable machine setup is required to sustain the load. We understand what it takes to run and maintain a busy application with 99.99% uptime and consistent serving speed.
  5. Analytics and Feedback
    In order to make an application 360 degree complete, we must think about aspects outside the immediate scope of development. This includes collecting metrics on application usage, aggregating them and forming intelligent insights.