Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business functions and processes such as manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, projects, human resources and customer relationship management from a shared data store and a modular software design that a business can select the modules they need, mix and match modules from different vendors, and add new modules of their own to improve business performance. In a nutshell, an ERP system comprises a set of discrete applications, each maintaining a discrete data store within one physical database.

Cityland Technologies offers SAP consultancy, implementation and management services to its clients. Cityland Technologies includes business consulting, process consulting and technology strategy consulting apart from:

  • Designing and developing a business value framework
  • Drafting Industry specific process templates
  • Assessment of organization’s supply chain and other allied business processes of HR & Finance and development of a SAP enabled technology solution.
  • Facilitating organizational change management to assist organization in a smooth transition through the transformation process.

Cityland Technologies offers end-to-end implementations and defines well-governed procedures and structures to engage with clients that include escalation management, risk management, scope and integration management, reviews, program management through best practices and quality control and robust change management.

Cityland Technologies offers Application Management Services by providing proven cost savings by leveraging innovative execution models, optimizing the business applications supporting critical business processes and leveraging innovative transformational outsourcing models for increased operational flexibility.