CMS Web Development

CITYLAND offers content management solutions that addresses and resolves the challenges from the ever increasing volume of electronic content in the internet world. CITYLAND formulates systems that are designed to allow the personnel within and outside the corporations to collaboratively create, manage, deliver and archive information that drives business operations from documents, records and discussions to e-mail, web pages and electronic media.

CITYLAND provides ever improving and fresh content to online users through an effective process that provides enterprises to generate in-house content efficiently manage it by applying various business processes and finally publish the content to make it available to end users. CITYLAND provides facilities like content taxonomy and classification, workflows, search facilities and collaboration through centralized content repository and easy management practices.

CITYLAND offers the following advantages from its content management services:

  • Reduced man power requirements, faster information access
  • Instant information availability
  • Increased productivity
  • Workflow and business process management
  • Content categorization and meta-data management
  • End-to-end information flow planning, implementation and management
  • Architecting data banks for easy searching and instant information availability
  • Content migration and integration
  • Reduces information duplication and redundancy
  • Indexing
  • Content rendition
  • Records management
  • Email management
  • Content migration
  • Re-engineering web applications to meet the industry standards
  • Design and Establish and publishing process and practices

Electronic information quantities are experiencing exploding growth at a rate of doubling every year. CITYLAND exercises a very scientific approach in simplification and segregation of enterprise information for quick and easy access through Identification, classification and categorization of the customer frequent needs to rare needs. As a part of its scientific practices CITYLAND provides ‘Search’ facility that enables higher productivity, easy customer experience, faster transactions and ease of access to relevant information.