We are a fast-growing global transaction services company, delivering total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes reduce costs by allowing them to focus on their core business. Every day we work as a trusted, extended arm for customers with their critical and strategic processes. As a result, organizations in a wide range of industries can achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently than ever before.

ITES - IT enabled services includes content Management, indexing Services, graphical work, offline data processing, digitization, and online data processing etc.

Areas of expertise:

  • Content Management
    • Data Cleansing
    • Data Enrichment
    • Data Validation Electronic
    • Data Sheet Creation
    • Data Migration
  • Indexing Services
    • Title Indexing
    • Legal Indexing
    • Document Grouping/Bunching
  • Graphical work
    • Image Cleansing
    • Image Path creation
  • Offline Data Processing
    • Ticket Processing
    • Form Processing
    • Document and book processing
  • Digitization
    • HTML Tagging
    • XML Tagging
    • Digitization Map Digitization
  • Online Data Processing
    • Finance and Account Processing
    • DGFT Online data Processing

A flexible approach towards outsourcing….

Cityland Technologies Business Process Outsourcing services are aligned to help organizations to cut costs, to focus on core strategic plans and projects, to have access to technology and skills and to avoid high risk capital investments. Cityland Technologies is dedicated to being a strategic partner in Business Process Outsourcing and high security service provider for clients.