BPO - Retail Banking

Competition has made banks focus on creating a distinct customer experience tailored to the needs of various customer segments.

The strategic emphasis of retail banks is on :

  • Enabling faster product introductions
  • Expanding customer base with focus on customer service
  • Innovating in a commoditized market
  • Capitalizing on new trends and opportunities

Cityland Technologies BPO offers a range of BPO solutions to help retail banks meet their business objectives. Our banking services include lead generation, sales, application processing, check processing, call center management, default management and reconciliation services.

Cityland Technologies BPO adds tangible value to its clients business processes by leveraging its retail banking domain experience, outsourcing expertise and using proven proprietary technology solutions.

Cityland Technologies BPO banking BPO solution provides:

  • Excellent customer service quality and customized training programs with emphasis on customer empathy
  • Process innovation to streamline operations leading to rationalized operating costs and fewer errors and less rework