BPO - Mortgages

The highly cyclical mortgage industry requires flexible processes that can help pare costs and streamline operations.

The industry needs:

  • High level of customer service with faster turnaround and higher transaction accuracy
  • Ability to manage high and fluctuating volumes
  • Faster innovation and new product introduction
  • Better cost management with progressively lower costs per loan
  • Flexible costs which can be altered in response to changing market conditions
  • Better risk management with strict regulatory compliance

Cityland Technologies BPO offers customized mortgage business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to meet industry needs. Our mortgage services spans across over 80 different processes in loan origination and loan servicing.

Cityland Technologies BPO provides clients:

  • Deep financial service’s domain expertise and process insights. Process excellence rigor and talent management systems help mortgage banks compete more effectively in the marketplace
  • Operational delivery with improved rate of customer acquisition, higher quality and reduced cost per transaction
  • Customized mortgage origination and servicing solutions backed with best in class technology and workflows resulting in better customer interactions