BPO - Billing and Collections

With businesses looking for improved bottom line performance, better account receivables management, collections is a key focus area along with timely and accurate billing for organizations across industries. An effective collections strategy:

  • Increases receivables recovery rates
  • Reduces bad debts
  • Rationalizes costs through streamlined collections processes

Cityland Technologies BPO is a leading global provider of collections and recovery solutions that are designed to maximize collections and minimize write-offs.

Cityland Technologies BPO Collections Approach:

Cityland Technologies BPO has leveraged best in class training and technology while adhering to regulatory requirements. This helps to deliver results that exceed our clients expectations. We offer solutions that reduce costs, increase profitability and dramatically increase the receivables recovered.

Cityland Technologies BPO accounts receivables collections practice provides:

  • Strict adherence to legal and regulatory issues involving third party collections and debt recovery
  • Increased response rate from delinquent customers
  • Increased inflow of payments helped by a multi-channeled collections strategy
  • Mitigating write-offs by efficient accounts receivables management
  • A broad range of payment recovery, first party and third party collections solutions
  • A strong focus on delivery with a highly qualified operations team

Cityland Technologies BPO’s strategies to drive collections results include:

  • Initial data scrub and scoring
  • Multi-channeled telephony
  • Customizable collections letters
  • Skip tracing