API Integration

Web services are generally application programming interfaces (API) commonly knows as Web Services that are accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and execute on a remote system hosting the requested services. Web services are basically the shared database resources XML-based standards and transport protocols to exchange data with clients. The Web Services API's provide full access to the system's internals and hence need to be secured. The Simple API targets developers who want to write quick integration into their existing applications, The Advanced API targets developers who want tight integration into their applications. Using these web services we can control the page design and format using the data system of any third party, it helps in quick development and easy maintenance as the data maintenance part is the responsibility of web api owner. Web services allow us to protect our branding as it hides the actual provider whose system we are using to access the data.

We are experts in implementing third party Web Services/ XML API in PHP technology. We provide complete solution for your custom requirement for your Web Application including Web Services/ XML API integration.

We are well versed with following Web Services and XML APIs.

  • Google Maps API, distance matrix
  • HotelClub Web Services for World wide accommodation booking.
  • Roamfree Web Services for Australian accommodation booking.
  • MN Digital Web Services (Medianet digital content).
  • Amazon Web Services KindleStore (AWS).
  • Facebook API.
  • Twitter REST API.
  • PayPal API.
  • SMS integration using HTTP API.

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